Our new kitchen scale is here! ♥

New kitchen scale is here and this time in pastel pink colour. Find new Nathalie kitchen scale here: https://staging.isabellerosehome.com/shop/retro-kitchen-scale-nathalie-pink-3-kg/

  • Capacity 3 kilograms, precision 10g.
  • Bowl made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe
  • Retro design with Nathalie design
  • Body made of metal
  • It is lead free and food safe
  • Surely made with LOVE

Buy it and try it here: https://staging.isabellerosehome.com/shop/retro-kitchen-scale-nathalie-pink-3-kg/

New textile Nathalie: https://staging.isabellerosehome.com/product-category/kitchen-living-room-textile/

Enjoy with our products every day!


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